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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



We`re a new eco-friendly advertising platform that puts your ad in the hands of your audience and gives them a reason to listen.

We do what we do because we think advertising can be better: less intrusive, more inclusive, less of a one-way broadcast, more of a conversation between brands and consumers.

So here`s how it works.

We take your ad and print it onto our fully re-usable, recyclable Kraft paper bags, which replace single-use plastic ones in stores all over London. At no cost to the shopkeepers.
The bags go on a journey, and so does your ad, saving millions of plastic bags from landfill along the way. It`s this environmental benefit, this common good, that really starts the conversation.

Each bag gives consumers the opportunity to do even more for the environment. By downloading the Bagboard app, they can scan the bag and interact digitally with your ad. Every time they do, a thank you donation goes to the Plastic Bank, removing 1KG of plastic from the ocean.

It`s a new kind of advertising, one where consumers actually want to listen to and engage with brands. Because when they do, good things happen.

Tel: 0203 948 3634

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