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Brand design that speaks for you

Good brand design is about more than a distinctive signature identifying one service or product from another. Ideally it should encompass all that is a company`s personality and identity, making it as different as one person is from another.

Looking at a new brand design or a brand refresh is always a challenge for any business. Compromises will take place along the way, but also the unexpected will happen and you`ll end up with a brand that`s interesting, eye-catching and memorable.

You`ll also notice your employees will start to display a new found pride in who they work for, and what they do. Customers who wouldn`t have used you before will give you a second look. It`s an investment of time, money and emotion but none of it will have been wasted.

Web design that perfectly reflects your brand

Your web design should reflect your brand in its tone of voice, approach, simplicity and ease of use. Do your customers have to hunt around to find the content they are after? Is your copy a little too verbose and jargony? Time is precious, your customers can`t afford to waste it and will go else where if you make life difficult for them.

In our web design we think about the user and their journey. How best to lead them to your products or services. What content they may find useful and the search terms they might use at the start of their journey. What we might like them to do at the end of their journey and at any steps in between. Also what needs to catch their eye first and what can afford to be more laid back. We also look at the most logical way to organise and display this information, even what your product or services should be called.

Basically we build from the ground up with the user in mind at every stage, and we make sure all this is in line with your brand design and tone of voice.

So next time you commission a web design keep in mind why you should come to Breathe Creative.

Brand Communications that engage

Are the brand communications your company produces as confident, customer inspiring and forward thinking as your business truly is? Are they the true embodiment of all your company should stand for? If not they should be.

Your brand communications should converse on a personal and emotional level with your customers

Brand communications that use unusual sizes of paper, tricky folds, die-cuts, metallic inks and other effects and tricks are all well and good. But only if they enhance the key messages and benefits you are communicating, otherwise they become a needless distraction, camouflaging a lack of thought.

Your brand communications should be striking with a confident and creative use of text and imagery making them memorable to your customers. So when they come to make a purchasing decision there really is only one brand that springs to mind, yours.

Take a look at the examples on our website at and then drop us a line if you feel you have a project that could benefit from our experience.

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