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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


CommVersion UK Ltd

CommVersion's 24-hour live chat, integrated with the best technology and efficient manpower, enables you to reduce your PPC spends, get better consumer insights, nurture your leads and convert them to end users.

Given our years of digital marketing experience, we understand the agony of the new-age marketer. It is counterproductive to invest a hefty share of your media spends on driving traffic to your website and not get the ROI you expected. It's like spending money on marketing to build footfall to your retail store and then not employing sales people to engage with potential customers walking in.

We transform your brand by extending its presence deep into your customer's decision making process with the right engagement. Our conversations convert your brand into an experience, driven by real time behavioural data which drives relevance.

Increase Web Leads
We can help with increasing your web leads by 50%. Our clients have seen a surge in their web leads between 30% to 50% within the first month of our service.

PPC Optimisation
Our Live Chat service helps optimising your PPC spends. Websites with live chat have seen a minimum of 25% reduction in their cost per lead.

Better Conversion
By implementing Live Chat on a website, users are not required to fill out forms - instead our chat experts engage them in conversations and increase the chances of conversion.

Better Qualified Leads
With CommVersion, we make sure the lead is qualified and we also send you the chat transcript, which will help make your sales teams' cold calls a lot warmer.

Website Visitor Insight
Get invaluable insights from our chat engagements. Know exactly what your customers have to say and re-align your marketing strategy accordingly.

"We have been really impressed with CommVersion in their setting up of the web chat, monitoring, monthly improvements, the adaptability and learning of the culture and business tone of voice. They have been creating many leads for us month on month."
Jessie Morrison
Marketing Manager- Douglas and Gordon

Tel: 0044 7704 921 651

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