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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



B2B LIST PROVIDER - UK business lists telephone researched to be accurate, detailed and GDPR safe to use. AND we don't just provide accurate and lawful marketing lists, we also offer database marketing advice, solutions and our Dept679 works with clients to get their organisations GDPR compliant and keep them that way.

If you want new business; Corpdata business lists offer the very best opportunity to connect you to people most likely to become your new customers. If you want the best marketing results and without using business lists that may expose you to GDPR risk choose Corpdata. Our business lists result from phone calls to business contacts to discover their preferences for marketing communications (email, telephone and post) from others.

All you have to do is tell us who you want to contact and how you want to contact them and we`ll select your business list from contacts who have expressed a positive preference for contact. What`s more, if their preference for contact changes we`ll let you know keeping your list clean and safe.

IF YOU ARE STILL NOT SURE ABOUT GDPR ? Our compliance division, Dept 679; helps clients with the GDPR and its impact on not just your marketing and sales activity, but on fact any part of your business which gains, uses or stores personal information.

Tel: 01626 777400

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