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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Eden Agency

Eden Agency specialise in emerging technologies and innovative digital solutions. We are a full service digital agency that develop ideas, design user experiences and build delightful digital products. Our client list includes Capita, McCain and YBS.

We help clients to overcome challenges and accomplish goals with beautifully designed and technically excellent solutions. One way we achieve this is with our tried and tested Sprint Week. This is a five-day UX design process that results in a prototype, to be utilised for user testing and refining the functionality to exactly what is required for the end user.

Innovation is one of our core values and is something we try to inject into every project. As well as the more 'traditional' platforms, such as websites and apps, we also work with Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots and Virtual Reality (VR). We are always exploring new emerging technologies.

As well as innovation, our other core values include quality, integrity and teamwork. We work together to produce solutions that we're proud of and, more importantly, products our clients love.

Tel: 01423 593 010

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