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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Extend the scope of your service offering across language barriers.

101translations is an internet-based translation services and communications company founded in 2002.

An `Internet-based` language service provider is one where account, vendor and project managers, and translation professionals, all communicate among each other and with their customers primarily via the Internet. 101translations pioneered this approach since its inception, which enabled it to become a widely recognised member of the translation community very quickly.

Since June 2014, 101translations` quality control system has been certified ISO9001 compliant by the British Assessment Bureau.

101translations is a member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and of the Irish Exporters` Association, as well as of ETOA (The European Tourism Association) and of BPMA (the British Promotional Merchandise Association).

In addition to translation from and into essentially every language in the world, 101translations offers and regularly supplies the following services to its base of clients:

• Multilingual DTP
• Voiceover and dubbing of audiovisual content
• Transcription (audio / video to typed text)
• On-site direct interpretation
• Language training and multilingual training
• Multilingual marketing support (brand internationalisation, cultural analysis)
• International Search Engine Optimisation
• Software localisation and testing
• Linguistic validation

Tel: 020 70603 101

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