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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


British Middle East Corporation

BMEC has representation throughout the Globe and is part of a group of internationally consolidated commercial entities dating back to the early 1980's. It's registered office and base of operations are in London and it also has offices in Cairo (representing the MENA region) and Tashkent (representing Central Asia).
Having several joint venture and cross-representation agreements in place to help facilitate both its own core business activities and that of its relationship's infrastructure, BMEC has multifunctional capabilities and assists its associates and partners with commodity and other merchant transactions as well as providing help and advice in such as financial, logistical and operational issues.
Since its original founding, the Company has strategically grown and evolved in both market reach and in its overall capability as an Organisation, evolving naturally from that of a `full-service provider` supplying oil-well and other Industrial parts and equipment to the Oil Industry predominantly within Africa and the Middle-East, into the sales and provisioning of the Crude Oil, as well as Jet Fuel and then other refined oil products.
Operating as a 'General Trading Organization' (GTO), its present day operations and market capabilities consist mainly of product merchandising, the sale and purchase of commodities (including bullion and precious metals), investment into energy, natural resources and infrastructure projects, all in addition to that of its original trading activities for crude oil, petroleum products and their derivatives.

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