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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Cambridge Marketing College

Cambridge Marketing College is an international expert provider of marketing knowledge, skills and training. Accredited by the CIM, CIPR and Institute of Apprenticeships, we have been teaching marketing and PR professionals in the UK and globally for over 27 years.

We have worked with organisations, large and small, to help improve the skills of their marketing teams through our corporate programme. We pride ourselves on providing tailored courses in-house to suit any marketing department across the globe. Our staff, all practising marketers or PR practitioners themselves, work with us and the organisation to bring a suitable solution to any business. We have worked with organisations such as, ARM, BGL, Barclays, the NHS, beaphar, PSMG, Tees Law, and Amsterdam and Nottingham Business Schools, to name a few.

Our global footprint has ballooned and currently stands at 114 countries worldwide! Thanks to our faculty of practicing marketers and PR practitioners passing on their wisdom to their students, remote, online teaching is possible worldwide, no matter the location. This combined with our unique Learning Zone portal and College-written resources have created an excellent package of support to help professionals learn new skills. Our qualifications are designed perfectly to fit around their careers and studied on a part-time basis.

Our newest venture is Apprenticeships in Digital Marketing, Marketing Management and Public Relations Assistants. These are available to any member of a team, no matter what stage they are at in their career, and provide forward thinking employers with a solution to ensuring their teams develop the skills to thrive in the modern business world.

Tel: 01954 234 940

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