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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



We`re ClickSend a global communications platform for businesses and developers.
We allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to easily and cost-effectively communicate with their customers and staff via multiple channels. Some use one, some use many - some use many at once!. It`s whatever is best for their end customer. ClickSend provides choice and context for their business communications.

We have SMS at our core and power billions of messages annually across the globe via direct routes, which our customers love as their messages get delivered reliably and rapidly.

But businesses want more than just SMS so we`ve grown into a true multi-channel business communications platform offering SMS, MMS, RCS, Rich Media Apps, Email, Fax, Post and more all from the one dashboard.

So whether it`s a stack of SMS messages for appointment reminders, alerts and notifications, billings and payments or a true multi-channel marketing campaign taking in digital and post with smart automation. ClickSend has you covered and some.

We love developers and they seem to love us because we have an incredibly simple API, which is why it`s built into the software of some of the world`s biggest companies.
It`s free to start sending messages or to download our API key and going forward you only pay for what you use; no contracts, no recurring monthly fees and 100% uptime SLA guarantee! And if you require help or have any questions our support team - of real humans - is always on call 247-365 on 020 3807 1859 or let's chat online.

ClickSend is business communications. Solved.

Tel: 020 3807 1859

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