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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



For most enterprises, instant delivery of emails is core to their business, as it can bear a long lasting impact to customer experience, loyalty and repeat sales; and inbox placement is paramount to their ongoing success.

Successful organisations like American Airlines, Booking.com, Groupon, LinkedIn, Oracle, Paypal, Pinterest, Reuters, The Financial Times, Twitter, Waterstones, etc. have turned to SparkPost to improve customer experience and optimise customer engagement. In fact, 37% of the world's commercial email is sent through our platform.

SparkPost can help your company:

- Improve inbox placement, with reliable and consistent email deliverability

- Ensure that critical communications reach the customer inbox, when you need them to most

- Easily embed email into your app, website or product; and effortlessly take control of generating messages, sending emails, and reporting performance

- Maintain regulatory compliance with GDPR and all the latest security protocols, including SOC 2 Type 2

- Monitor and document performance, with real-time email analytics

- Embellish the customer journey

Customer relationships are built on consistent and highly responsive customer service, and the promise of efficient communication between the enterprise and the customer. Whatever your promise to your customers may be, we help you deliver.

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