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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Inbox Insight

Inbox Insight | B2B Content Amplification Specialists

A refreshing take on B2B lead generation and content marketing, Inbox Insight deliver content-fuelled campaigns that drive your message home to the right in-market professionals.

Through a combination data-driven tactics and digital marketing expertise, we'll help you surround your target audience with the content they want to read, using the most effective digital channels to amplify your message.

With Account-based marketing and other data-driven tactics driving demand, now more than ever, our services are becoming a critical part of many leading brands' promotional mix.

Here's why...

We know what over 3.5m decision makers want to read

Influencers through to C-suite and Senior decision makers use IFP, our content platform, to stay up-to-date, solve their pain points and find the right products and services. In exchange for unlimited access to our resources and email subscriptions, we are able to harvest their interests and real time behaviour.

These digital intent signals, enable us to pin point the most relevant audiences based on your targeting criteria and campaign objectives.

This removes the guesswork and increases the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

We know how to get your content working harder

With thousands of campaigns under our belts, we know a thing or too about content strategy.

With Inbox Insight you benefit from the best content support from our experienced in-house copywriters and campaign executives.

Whether it's running a campaign in multiple regions or optimising content for better engagement, our team of experts are able to identify ways to continuously improve your campaign outcomes.

We know the importance of the channel mix

Content amplification means getting the right content to the right audiences in the right way. With a versatile product suite, we are able to tailor the right multi-channel tactics to deliver your campaign objectives.

This includes:

Email lead generation
Social amplification
Nurture programmes
Native/Content Sponsorship

Whether you want to accelerate your sales pipeline, drive targeted web traffic or increase brand value across EMEA and North America, our priority is to help you achieve your objectives through leveraging the very best content amplification techniques.

To find out how you can kick-start your own campaign, visit our stand or get in touch today.

Tel: 0800 161 5511

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