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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Insight Inside

Insight Inside: Insight agency that fuels transformative B2B marketing strategy.

Insight Inside is a leading strategic insight agency.We unlock the potential of research and insight, to fuel transformative marketing strategy and clear commercial opportunities, for B2B businesses. We do this through the power of Good Thinking.

Our areas of strategic focus are:

Segmentation: the blueprint to identify and quantify opportunities for brand targeting, portfolio planning, category management and innovation. Now featuring AI powered 'Hybrid' applications.
Innovation: fuelling and testing inspiration for ideas, concepts and prototyping from aircraft to shavers
Brand Equity:an agile approach specifically designed to assess equity for brands with a challenger mentality
Brand Strategy:applying insight to build category & brand vision,
portfolio planning and brand positioning

Good Thinking is how we operate:

In the past 12 months we have (amongst other things):

Helped ATSEuromaster identify opportunities to significantly grow their market share t

Designed and executed the largest ever industry segmentation undertaken for Kerry Taste & Nutrition to create a framework for new product innovation


We believe:

Data doesn't think. People do.
Big insights are better than big data (but we work with that too)
Simple is harder than complicated
In great finishing

Tel: 07867554149

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