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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


KJS We Are Direct Mail

Specialists in providing complete print to mail services.
We strive to make direct mail easy and cost effective for every client, but never compromise on our quality or customer service. Operating from our one site, with everything under one roof, we`re able to keep full control over every job to ensure we always meet client deadlines - no matter how tight they may be.

We are Print:
• Full colour litho printing - using the latest print technology, our LED UV press dries ink instantly, meaning we can mail or delivery your printed items quickly yet to a high quality.
• Full colour digital print - ideal for short to medium print we can personalise by colour, logo, graphic or text, in as many positions as you need.
• Print finishing, including folding, trimming, creasing, tabbing, laminating, UV varnish, foil block effects.
• Envelope supply and print

We are Mail:
• Machine envelope enclosing - our high-speed inserting machines can handle large, medium or low volume mailings, inserting one or a multiple number of items. Our lines are fitted with technology to allow for 100% mailing verification, camera match mailing and selective inserting.
• Poly-wrapping - for brochures, magazines and catalogues. We only use bio-degradable poly film.
• Self-mailers and postcard mailings - we'll direct address these items and seal close with either easy peel glue and automated tabbing.
• Inkjet and laser personalisation - direct addressing to non-window envelopes or self-mailers and laserpersonalise letters.
• Hand enclosing - for jobs which cannot be fulfilled by machine, there's very little our dedicated team can't turn around.
• Discounts on UK and International postage costs - with access to the full portfolio of Royal Mail and Downstream Access providers, you'll be amazed at how much we can save you.

We are Data:
• We`re ISO 27001 accredited for secure data handling and processing - giving our clients complete peace of mind that their data is handled, stored and managed to our stringent systems and procedures. As part of the certification, we`re externally audited each year by QMS International Plc.
• Data cleansing and de-duplication - if your database isn't as clean as you would like it to be, there are many ways we can help improve it, to make sure you're hitting the right audience to get results from a complete audit to suppressions and de-duping
• Segmenting - targetted mailings are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We're specialists in tailoring individual mail pack for each of your customers, whether bespoke letters with variable content, personalisation or the items inserted into the pack.
• Mailsorting - we will sort your data to ensure you receive the best possible postal rate.

To find out more visit www.wearedirectmail.com or call 01733 342 321.

Tel: 01733342321

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