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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



LeadSpotting is an AI-driven business intelligence company focused on gathering data from open web sources & social media and transforming it into actionable sales intelligence and valuable insights. Our goal is to provide businesses with relevant information and the right tools to analyze it. Our three main products; Audience Dive, PeopleSpotting & MarketSpotting are aimed to achieving just that. Our clients come from multiple verticals and include Elbit Systems, IDF Intelligence, Israel`s Ministry of Defense, Netafim, IVC Online, IAI, ARD Security and Gravity.

As we know that understanding your customers` needs is key, we have developed Audience Dive, a tool for businesses to know their audience better. Audience Dive provides insights on how to influence the audience of your choosing, which types of campaigns work on your audience & what does your audience respond to. We are also able to analyze which types of influence methods work - on the spectrum from cognitive to emotional, so businesses know best how to adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.

PeopleSpotting is a Saas aimed to provide personal contact information of any person in a matter of seconds. We solve the pain of waiting around and struggling to obtain the basic contact information of our customers` leads. Simply input any social media profile link of your target lead, and receive in a second their email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, and professional background. We bring results in a fast, accurate and broad way. We are GDPR compliant and only use access to open sources from the web & social media.

MarketSpotting (Saas) scans and analyzes endless social & open sources autonomously, delivering real-time results at a moment`s notice. We have developed a technology that is able to crawl the open web & social media. With advanced filtering options and AI as a driving force, the software gathers all relevant information from chosen sources (online or inhouse) in one organized, compact and seamless user interface. Thus, MarketSpotting enables businesses to map out their target industries and provides them with 100% market coverage. With the power of precise information, MarketSpotting enables an automated process of data collection & a deep and clear-cut analysis of your target market, with the ability to generate topic-specific automated reports in a matter of seconds. Moreover, mapping out a wide variety of markets or untapped new market opportunities has never been easier, with the right choice of keywords & sources, there`s no limit to relevant information. To conclude, MarketSpotting is able to fuse information from various types of internal & external sources and transform it into clear and visual market insights. This automatic data-driven software is a critical solution for market due diligence, understanding market trends and product demand.

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