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Lunar Animation

Lunar Animation is an award winning, high end animation studio

Specialising in full CGI and visual effects for feature films, commercials, attractions and the video game industry. The company's creative and technical directors have combined industry experience of over 35 years, understanding all aspects of project development from concept to final delivery.

In filmmaking we`re specialists in stereoscopic 3D, understanding how to create the most immersive stand out content possible. We apply this expertise to commercial projects and cinematic trailers, ensuring content is story driven. Lunar`s animation`s have reached a growing audience of over 95 million people.

Lunar Animation is passionate about helping game studio`s take the beautiful worlds they create and tell stories of their characters, in beautifully animated CGI. Focusing on combining clear character introductions with demonstrations of game mechanics, all held together through entertaining stories that will keep current gamers engaged and grab the attention of new audiences.

Having won the `Silver Award` at this years Promax Games Summit for `Most Outstanding Mobile Game Trailer`, Lunar can develop full cinematic trailers, in-game cut scenes and short character pieces for social media. Providing an end to end solution.

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