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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



Nominet is one of the world`s largest domain name registries. We protect and connect over 11+ million domains ending in .UK and we are a critical national infrastructure supporting the UK's online economy.

The digital revolution is offering brands a superb new opportunity within the domain name space with branded generic Top Level Domains or .brands. A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the word that appears to the right of the dot in a website address.

No longer are companies limited to .com or .uk as they can now encompass people, places, lifestyles and even food. For ultimate online autonomy brands can register their own personalised TLD, for example; .bbc or .mini.

There are many reasons why a brand would get their own gTLD, from preventing trademark infringements, competitor differentiation, to being seen as innovators in the digital space or to benefit from branding and marketing opportunities.

The next round of applications for registering a .brand is likely to be in 2021. The application process can be lengthy so get started now and don`t miss out on this rare opportunity to secure a unique piece of powerful internet real estate.

Tel: 01865 332 244

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