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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Radix Communications

We're the B2B technology copywriting agency. Eleven specialist content writers, sitting in a warehouse, writing for the biggest tech brands in the world.

If you're looking for B2B tech content that gives you an edge, come and find us on stand 2184. We can talk about web copy, blog posts, emails, case studies or ABM. We have plenty of advice and free writing guides to share.

(Isn't it typical? You spend ages looking for a reliable copywriter who can write with authority about B2B tech, then along comes a whole office full of them.)

You work in B2B, it`s likely you`ve already read our work without realising it. Peek behind the curtain at any brand that`s known for great content, and there`s a fair chance you`ll spot a Radix writer somewhere in the background.

And because we only write for clients in B2B technology, you can be sure we either already understand your market and products, or can get to grips with them very quickly. (Your ebook brief about differential privacy for sensitive datasets won't faze us; we wrote one last week.)

"Radix stands way above the pack. They work hard to understand the client, the products and the target audiences. Then produce clear, compelling stories that simplify even the most complex topic. These guys are pros." - Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners

Tel: 01326 373 592

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