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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Sooqr Search

Site search by Sooqr: finding exactly what you're looking for!

Imagine stepping into a clothes shop, on the lookout for a red leather jacket. The salesgirl listens to you attentively, nods her head and gets to work. Fifteen minutes later she`s back. In her arms: a red trenchcoat, two black leather jackets and two pairs of socks: white ones with red dots and plain red ones. You look at her with surprise. `I asked for a red leather jacket.` Her response: `Sorry, I couldn't find a red leather jacket. That`s why I simply got you these instead.`

If this would happen in real life, you`d probably never return to this particular store. Yet, this exact scenario happens quite often; online. With every waiting second, up to 30% of potential customers click away.

The solution? Optimised site search: enhancing the search within a website. Sooqr Search lets customers find exactly what they are looking for, and much more.

Sooqr is a SaaS-based tool for ultimate onsite search. Sooqr searches in every relevant field, taking over the search engine completely and letting your customers see filtered, faceted and relevant search results instantly, even when a misspelling is made. Our search engine can be integrated into the existing website completely and can be implemented on every e-commerce platform.

Sooqr works with a responsive interface, instant spelling-correction and makes use of optimised synonyms. We also use something called 'Ranking Rules'. These rules let you, as a retailer, decide what products rank higher on a results page. For example when you want to boost a particular brand with a sale, or a new collection. Users of Sooqr Search always get relevant and instant results on their query, but the results are set to your standards.

With optimised site search by Sooqr, your conversion rates will increase. The customer will find, look and buy more. For more information please visit us at stand 2422 or sooqr.com!

Tel: +31 (0)887667700

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