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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Staxoweb is a digital solutions business, founded by people who have a real passion for what they do (massive geeks). They started the business through a love of helping people. Now 10 years old we have a team of 26, including strategists, creatives, UX designers, developers, project managers and infrastructure engineers all based at offices in Richmond, London.

We create bespoke websites, web/mobile applications and ecommerce then provide all the hosting, support, security, maintenance and digital marketing our clients need.

We partner with the best. In terms of website CMS`s we specialise in `Enterprise WordPress`. We elevate WordPress 5 to the next level by taking enterprise approaches and applying them to the CMS giving organisations large and small the robustness they need without the need to pay for expensive licences.

In terms of bespoke web platforms Laravel is our choice of framework. Why? It`s simple, well-supported and easy to use, without compromising its immense ability to allow us to scale a platform almost without limit.

We love Magento (ecommerce) and have certified developers in-house.

We work with established businesses and funded start-ups alike. Often who we work with hasn`t worked out their ideas themselves yet. We work to organise their ideas and provide a solution. This could come in the form of a new website, a new bespoke app or integrating two systems resulting in a saving time. This is often called Digital Transformation, the process of using technology to improve a business through the use of technology.

Have an idea? Need a partner to turn it into a reality?

Redesigning your website?

Have a problem? Need to take orders only but no system can accommodate your process?

Need a digital marketing strategist that understands the tech behind what`s going on?

Staxoweb is your perfect long-term partner.

Tel: 02071484581

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