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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



We make branded content apps for businesses and influencers.

SupaPass provides everything needed to sell and deliver content via subscription, that's because at SupaPass we believe that your relationship with your customer should be yours.

Building a following on Social Media is great, but what if they all closed down tomorrow. How would you talk with even your most engaged followers? Even selling on Amazon Prime and other third party sites means that they own your data.

We want to give YOU back control of your data and the relationship with your customers whilst deepening engagement - which is the answer to building a stable, long-lasting business.

The best part is, you can launch your web, iOS or Android app within a matter of days with zero coding. Simply send us your logo and content to launch - all for a fraction of the cost and time of building bespoke, with a powerful instant mobile and web app solution.

The scalable B2B tech is used by many market verticals including eLearning, Health & Fitness, Charities, SVOD (TV & Film), Music, Sports, Enterprise, Memberships. etc.

SupaPass has high growth potential in a multi-billion dollar market, aiming for an ROI of more than 10X.

In an age of rapid digital disruption and transformation, there are three key digital trends emerging for businesses wanting to meet the growing needs of their customers, stay ahead of their competition and drive their revenue.

Those are Apps, Subscription and Video
...and SupaPass is positioned at the heart of all three.

• People spend 9 times longer in mobile apps than on mobile websites.
• Mobile Video Consumption is the largest type of mobile data traffic and growing exponentially.
• And 76% of all online sales last year were subscriptions!

SupaPass is disrupting this very exciting space, by giving businesses the opportunity to finally control their content, data and monetisation, within technology they can brand as their own.

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