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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



From digital asset management and content analytics to portals, web-to-print templates, and online proofing, Widen's high-performing software integrates the tools you need to manage images, videos, audio, creative files, and marketing assets across the content lifecycle.

Focused on service and fueled by a global community of users, we have the highest customer loyalty in our industry. Our digital asset management (DAM) platform spans across brand management, content lifecycle management, and creative management to help create compelling, meaningful, and measurable digital experiences. We serve 450,000+ people at over 600 of the most influential brands around the world, including LG, Energizer, Trek, Zeiss, Cornell University, the Atlanta Falcons, Red Gold Tomatoes, Carnival Cruise Line, Yankee Candle, FINCA, and many more.

With more than 70 years of service experience, Widen is the company that does what it says, striving to be the best part of its customers` day, every day. To learn more about Widen, visit www.widen.com or get started solving your digital content problems today at www.widen.com/see-a-demo.

Tel: +1 800-444-2828

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