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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



Data Protection and Privacy

Hosted by Data Compliant, our data protection keynote speakers include Victoria Tuffill, Managing Director of Data Compliant Ltd – Data Protection Officers; Zach Thornton, External Affairs Manager of DMA – Brexit and data-driven marketing; Elaine Lee, Managing Director of Reynolds Busby Lee – Vulnerable Customers; Jonathan Carter, Managing Partner Ethos Insight – Data ethics and trust.

Joining us for thought-provoking marketing sessions are John Watson, Chairman and Group Chief Executive WPN Chameleon – Direct Mail creative; Tim Roe, Compliance and Deliverability Director of RedEye – Digital Marketing and Suzanne Lewis, MD of Arc Data - future of third-party lists.

And finally, a fascinating panel question and answer session with industry specialists to answer your questions about data protection and e-privacy now and in the future.

To gain inspiration and advice on data privacy and data-driven marketing from market leaders, make sure you book today!

Join us for thought-provoking sessions, including:

•  Data Protection Officers. To have? Or not to have?
•  Brexit: what does the future hold for data-driven marketing?
•  Identifying, looking after and managing vulnerable customers
•  Direct Mail – Compliance, creative and third-party lists
•  Digital Marketing and e-Privacy
•  Data Ethics and Trust

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Wednesday 27th March

  • 11:00 - Data Protection by design for Marketers - Victoria Tuffill
  • 12:00 - Direct Mail – the difference Creative Can Make - John Watson
  • 12:45 - Direct Mail – the Exciting New Channel - Suzanne Lewis
  • 14:00 - Vulnerable Customers - Elaine Lee
  • 15:00 - Data Privacy & Ethics - Jonathan Carter
  • 16:00 - GDPR & Social Media - Tim Roe

Thursday 28th March

  • 11:00 - After GDPR, Digital Marketing will never be the same again - Tim Roe
  • 12:00 - Brexit: what does the future hold for data-driven marketing? - Zach Thornton
  • 13:00 - Privacy & Marketing Panel Session: Experts here to answer your questions on current issues such as social media, Brexit, ethics and digital
  • 14:00 - Do you need a Data Protection Officer? If so, why? - Victoria Tuffil
  • 15:00 - The future of privacy technology - Gilbert Hill and Tom Holder