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5 TED articles to motivate you in the new year

The new year is always a tricky time to negotiate. Between the standard resolutions of eating healthily and going to the gym, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and soon enough, the promises you made can start to slip (approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February!).

A new year however, offers the prospect of a fresh start in the workplace with renewed vigour in your role and an optimised mind set. I have compiled five of the best TED articles to keep the momentum going throughout the year and not just until mid-February!

1. The Science of setting goals - Nadia Petschek Rawls
A perfect read for this time of year when a new challenge is at the forefront of our minds. This article explores the reasoning of goal setting and how to actually achieve them, which also links nicely to the below article.

2. Want to achieve your goals? Pick up these 4 habits
An article compiled to highlight the best TED talks to help realise and achieve your goals. Each of these talks discusses fresh perspectives and practical ideas that can be applied to assist you in meeting your full potential.

3. How to push past your biggest anxieties and act – Tim Ferriss
A fascinating article written with first-hand experience of being caught in a seemingly endless circle of anxiety, and breaking out of it. This article is a worthwhile read with lessons that can be applied to all areas of life.

4. What motivates us at work? More than money – Jessica Gross
A brilliant insight into the human psyche, demonstrating that money is not the only motivating factor when going to work. A further article to support this and certainly worth reading is here.

5. Six helpful strategies to take into your performance review – Rebekah Barnett
A useful read for everyone, not just when you have an imminent annual review. This article offers an alternative perspective and advice on handling criticism or feedback in a positive manner.

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