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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


What’s your business marketing score? Could you beat the benchmark?

Be honest – when did you last review your marketing strategy? Or really kick the tyres on whether your last campaign was successful? Don’t worry if it’s been a while - we all fall into the trap of getting snowed under with our day to day business activities, but what we can’t afford to do is forget about our marketing plan.

B2B organisations aren’t prioritising marketing

We recently conducted a Marketing Survey to identify the strengths and weaknesses, trends and gaps in business’ current approaches to marketing. With 110 businesses taking part in the initial survey, it appears that the majority of organisations could increase their chances of success by improving their marketing activities.

Among the findings, we learnt that a third of businesses don’t have a documented marketing strategy in place. Of those that did, only 42% had reviewed it in the last year – which means that it may no longer be aligned to the company’s short-term objectives.

The report also identified that organisations often fail to integrate their marketing activities into a cohesive strategy. While 76 percent of businesses said that they have a social media plan, two thirds don’t have a content plan, for example. If you don’t have an overarching strategy in place to link all of your marketing activity, your business could risk sending out disjointed messages to their customers.

Does your marketing measure up?

There are so many simple changes businesses can make to get back on top of their marketing. To help get the ball rolling, we’ve devised a quick online quiz, which in-house marketing teams can take to find out how their strategy measures up to the industry benchmark. The average business score is just 126 – head to www.themarketingpod.co.uk/myscore to take our Marketing Health Check and find out whether your marketing measures up! You’ll also receive a tailored report full of tips, tools and templates to make your strategy stronger than ever.

Businesses could be putting themselves at a commercial disadvantage and missing out on opportunities by neglecting their marketing plan – but this doesn’t need to be the case. Updating and enhancing marketing strategies and plans, and investing in customer insight and measurement can make all the difference.

Let’s make 2018 the year your marketing really shines!


About the Marketing Pod: www.themarketingpod.co.uk

The Marketing Pod is an award winning, integrated agency specialising in the B2B sector. The team will be at the B2B Marketing Exhibition to advise businesses on how to optimise their marketing strategies, both on stand 1586 and in their speaker slots. They will be sharing their expertise on how an account based marketing approach can help businesses to engage their audience, and how to improve their customer experience by taking an insight driven approach, in talks on both days of the exhibition in seminar hall 14.