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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


VIDEO STRATEGY 2018: Let’s get relevant!

 Which company wouldn’t dream of it? An optimal marketing/sales funnel in which future customers travel in no time from being aware to being loyal and happy customers. That’s easier said than done. In this current digital age, we have all been subject to a massive information overload. So how do you effectively reach customers and help them through the funnel more efficiently? With dynamic video you have a golden combination: the power of personalization and video to reach your customers. This blog post will show you how you can take your video marketing to a whole new level by using dynamic video software.

The power of video

Today, marketing teams have a huge variety of digital tools and tactics at their disposal to reach a growing audience, more precisely, and more frequently—all with the goal of winning more customers. But what tool or tactic really works? One of the tools that is able to change the customer experience is video. This is supported by the fact that 79% of consumers indicate that they would rather see a video to get to know a product. Video is also 4x more effective in engaging people than static content such as text. This gives companies the opportunity to optimize interaction with the customer at different points within the customer journey.

It is quite natural that after so many positive figures, marketers also understand the importance of video. The figures confirm this, 76% of marketers plan to add video to their online marketing strategy. Video has the power to reach and touch people, but as an organization you also want to encourage customers to take action. The next step in customer experience is making content more relevant and personal. Personalization is therefore seen by one third of marketers as the most important marketing tool of the future. Combine this with the results of video and you have a golden combination: dynamic video!


What is dynamic video?

With dynamic video, personal information from the viewer is inserted in the video or the video is adjusted based on available data of the viewer. This varies from minor adjustments such as adding names, addresses or a last purchase, to adjusting entire scenes based on the interests and needs of the customer. These different variations of the video are then matched with te correct viewer.

The key word is relevance, because if you are relevant, customers are triggered by the personal information they receive about themselves and then see a customized video that fits all their interests. In this way, customers feel valued and special, resulting in a stronger and better relationship with your brand. Our results confirm the positive influence of dynamic video.

Whether it’s reaching millions of people in a viral way, boosting opens and click-through ratios by 130% to 190%, or reducing costs per click by 45%.


Example: AGE UK – Help us end loneliness

One great dynamic video ad is the Christmas ad of Age UK. In the ad two elderly talk about how hurtful it is to be lonely during the Christmas period, with a clear CTA: Donate now! They made an ad that speaks to the heart even more impactful, by bringing the problem closer to home. With dynamic video software the intro of the video was personalized by city. Meaning that the number of lonely elderly in the city of the viewer was automatically shown in the intro of the commercial. This way we could serve personal and relevant open web AD based on contextual data. A small but clever change, with great impact!

The result? 94% increase in intent to donate. +190% click trough rate & 57% viewers were likely to donate in the future. And on top of that: the case won a Cannes Lions in the data driven marketing category.

Meet StoryTEQ: we empower brands to be personal and relevant in their online video marketing. We do this through our state of the art dynamic video platform. Our solutions:

  • Dynamic video advertising. Get more out of your online video ad spending.

  • Personal video journeys. We help you to reach, touch and move your customers with powerful personal video solutions throughout your customer journey. From happy onboarding, to fully integrated personal video within e-commerce flows.

  • Personal video campaigns. Want to engage with your users in a truly unique and personal way? Together with your creative (content) partners, we can create amazing personal video campaigns from scratch; achieving mind blowing results.




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