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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Why direct mail is an effective marketing tool

Direct mail marketing is a highly effective form of marketing, using printed materials for a company to promote its products or services, delivered direct to their recipients. Direct mail marketing comes in many different forms, from sales letters, postcards and one-piece mailers, to elaborate multi-piece packs, innovative laser cut shapes, catalogues and more.


With the right print management company behind you, the options are almost endless.

Is direct mail marketing effective? With the birth of digital marketing, many believed that direct mail would suffer, however, the exact opposite has occurred. Instead, direct mail is having a heyday and that’s because it remains a highly effective method of marketing and there are some very good reasons for that:

It’s personal – with impersonal online transactions on the increase, the physical presence of a letter, a postcard or a catalogue feels like a more personal than ever.  Promotional emails and websites just can’t match print’s physical presence, which makes customers feel more valued.

It’s attention-grabbing – there’s no doubt that attention spans are shrinking and so it’s more important than ever to get customers’ attention quickly. Direct mail is perfect for that because the opportunities for eye catching design are virtually limitless. Having grabbed attention, print does a good job at holding attention too, as it’s much more difficult to dismiss a physical piece of marketing, than to simply to delete an email or close a web page.

It’s proven – direct mail marketing has been successfully used to sell for over 200 years, since the first seed catalogues appeared in 1800s America. Since then the tools, materials and technologies available to marketers has never stopped evolving. Unlike other forms of marketing, direct mail marketing’s success can be easily measured and its effectiveness proven.

What forms of effective direct mail marketing can Print Strategy help with? As a direct mail printing company, we can help with concepts, direct marketing strategy, entire direct marketing campaigns and a full range of direct marketing services and products, including:


Postcards – simple and cost efficient, the postcard is incredibly effective. Its appeal lies in the fact that it is economical, flexible and it delivers your message without your recipient even having to open an envelope.


Sales letters – if you need to build a rapport and make a sales pitch, then a sales letter could be what exactly you need. We can help you create a high performing sales letters through great design and creative copywriting.


Envelope mailings – multi-piece packs, enclosed in an envelope are another highly effective piece of direct mail. We can help you decide what you need to send your recipients, as well as design, print and deliver it, including brochures, catalogues, offer vouchers, order forms and so much more.


Catalogues – from a couple of pages to a couple of hundred, catalogues remain a key sales tool enabling you to showcase your products in one place. Crucially, they work well with digital marketing techniques to create an integrated campaign.


One-Piece Mailer – invented right here by Print Strategy, the one-piece mailer is an extremely versatile format that folds over to become its own envelope. It could well be one of the most efficient direct mail marketing tools, being totally self-contained with no envelopes to stuff, no inserts to fall out and no stamps to lick.


Why choose Print Strategy Europe for your next direct marketing campaign? Thanks to over 20 years’ experience, we can offer you a wealth of expertise and know-how, particularly when it comes to effective direct mail marketing. We know what works and we know how to bring in the latest print technologies to make direct mail perform even better. What’s more, we can take care of every aspect of your direct mail campaign, from initial direct mail marketing ideas, to design and copywriting, production and fulfilment.

If you’re interested in an effective direct mail marketing campaign that maximises your returns, contact the team today.  You can also come and see us on stand 1040 at the show!


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