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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


How to keep your Marketing team motivated

The world of marketing depends on innovation and creativity. A team that isn’t motivated will struggle to find inspiration and as a result the whole organisation can suffer. As an integral part to business development, how can you keep your marketing team passionate, creative and motivated?

Where to begin? In the first instance, it’s handy to assess each of your team members on their current performance so you can identify where individual team members might need support and guidance.

It’s all about communication. Marketers should be effective communicators (it’s part of the job, after all) so ensure your company culture facilitates communication between employees. Make sure your team know you’re always available to discuss any issues or concerns.

There’s no I in Team! Team building initiatives work wonders for marketing teams – marketers will often bounce ideas off one another so it’s vital the team works well together.

Give your employees the opportunity to grow! New training and development opportunities will ensure your team stay motivated – and with the marketing industry always changing, they’ll be plenty of opportunities for employees to grow and develop!

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