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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Overcome your writing nightmares today!

There comes a time in any writer’s career where they quite literally seem to run out of words. Writer’s block is common and can have disastrous effects on a writer’s confidence. So if you ever find yourself in that position, how can you overcome your writing demons?

Step away from the writing! If you’re struggling, step away and do something else, ideally something creative, like painting or photography, to clear your mind of the writing task in hand. Just for now!

Exercise is best. There are clearly a number of benefits to exercising, but light activity again can help to clear your mind and leave you focused on the task in hand. 

No distractions! Put your phone away and turn off the TV – distractions will only make your writer’s block worse!

Early morning writing is best. Before becoming overcome with the needs of the day, write. In the morning your mind is refreshed and clear and ready to be creative.

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