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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Why is solid implementation so important?

Nearly every business has a business website now – indeed, it’s likely that most of your competitors do.  So how are potential customers supposed to find you over a competitor in the Search Engine Results Pages?  That’s where effective Digital Marketing comes in!

Consider this analogy: your online presence (i.e. your Website) is a house. Comprehensive and intensive keyword research is the foundation for the house.

Without a solid foundation that has been well thought out, managed and installed by professionals, the rooms of your house (i.e. your paid-for-advertising, Link Building activity, Content Strategy etc.) are likely to suffer from subsidence.

They will lack structural integrity and will not work as they should do.

What if I don’t have a solid foundation of appropriate keyword research and on-page search engine optimisation? 

If this is the case, but you want to carry out link building or paid-for advertising activities in the future, STOP! You are at risk of wasting money if you proceed with more advanced digital marketing activities and your digital foundation is not solid and accurate.

Keyword research and on-page optimisation are the foundations for your house.  If these are faulty, or non-existent, then your house is structurally unsound, and any activities you carry out are likely to have basic flaws that reduce their effectiveness.

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