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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


5 Reasons to Attend a Marketing Expo

1. Test the Water

People thinking of starting a business

So you’ve had a brilliant idea that can revolutionise the world, and you want to get it out there. Marketing expo’s are a great place to test your ideas, gain a better understanding of the market and pick up marketing tips from experts.

It’s a great deal better than just telling friends and family, and getting an echo chamber effect for your product. We’re sure your mum thinks you’re great (we do to!) but get a disinterested expert hooked in on the idea and you’re on to something


2. Boost you game from local to interstellar

New business looking for a boost

Most networking happens on a local level, it’s just a matter of geographical convenience. However as even small businesses trade internationally now, Its important to network with people from as far afield as you can.

With Chat Ninja’s real time talk software, we are able to track the data of your incoming website traffic. You would be surprised to see how far a reach even a boutique business has!

People travel from across the country to attend the B2B marketing expo in London, and you should not underestimate the importance of face to face networking, and building personal connections across great distances.


3. Go from good to Wow

An SME looking to grow

You’re up and running, you’ve got a strong customer base and things are ticking over nicely. Get out of that rut! Why be good when you can be amazing! Marketing expo’s have talks and masterclasses from experts from all kinds of backgrounds.

If you want to up your game, nothing can beat an honest to goodness real life human being, as an online tutorial can only take you so far. Ask questions and pick their brains, get the information you need to be excellent tailor made for you.


4. On top of your game? Stay that way!

Established company

The experts who speak at marketing expo’s aren’t just experts because they’ve got their finger on the pulse, people from all over are bringing the latest news, the best tech and the shiniest new ideas.

It’s a melting pot of new trends, cutting edge info and marketing heavy weights. The ancient Romans had the forum, we’ve got the B2B marketing expo in London.

The bar has been set pretty high with the success of the previous B2B expo, but as we’re one of the exhibitors this year we’re bringing our brightest and best to make your business a complete success.


5. Free stuff

Last but not least! Stock up on pens, grab a handy lanyard or just nibble the treats on offer at your favourite stand. Just because it’s business, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!


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