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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


6 Ways to Get People Talking About Your Event

Every good event manager knows how important online engagement is in ensuring their events are a success. Engagement essentially means getting people to interact with your brand and it shouldn’t just happen before an event, but during and after too. Here we share a few tips adapted from blogs by Printsome, Eventbrite and Certain, plus a few of our own.

1. Create a hashtag

Creating a unique hashtag is an effective way to get people talking about your event before it happens. Hashtags are particularly great to use on Twitter and Instagram, so start to regularly include yours in your posts, in order to fill it up. According to Buddy Media Tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those without, so it is definitely worth putting in the effort.

2. ‘Leak’ content

Giving your audience a sneak peek of what’s to come is a sure-fire way to pique interest in your event before it happens. Create snippets of appealing content and share on social media every now and again leading up to your event to get people talking. You could also create some enticing emails and send them to all your mailing lists.

3. Engage influencers

Using influencers for marketing works because they have many followers who listen to them and trust them. Using this to your advantage when promoting your event is a smart move. Reach out to those influencers who inspire your target audience, who match your brand values and who will promote your event with passion. Having just one influencer behind your event will enable you to tap into a huge, previously unattainable community of social media users.

4. Microblogging

Microblogging is a great way to increase engagement with both your attendees and those who follow you on social media. It also means that the people who couldn’t attend can still be involved and keep updated on what’s happening. Create a schedule and be sure to alert your attendees and online audience when you will be blogging before you start in order for it to have maximum effect.

5. Live images

You know that posting on social media during an event is essential if you want your online audience to wish they were there and your attendees to return to the next one. Adding imagery to social media posts has been proven to make online engagement rates skyrocket during events. That’s why Splento offers the option to have your professional event photographs sent to you just minutes after they have been taken so that you can share them, as and when they happen. This way, your online audience can see what’s happening, who’s speaking and who’s attending in real-time. This is an exceptionally effective tool if you have influencers or reputable speakers attending your events, as their followers will see the photographs as soon as they are tagged in them. 

6. Follow-up

The best way to show your appreciation to your attendees for coming along to your event? Thank you emails. Make your email content fun and interesting to keep the buzz from the event going and make them more likely to come back. Include some of the professional photographs that were taken of the attendees to add extra pizzazz. You could also use the photographs of the event highlights to the rest of your mailing list to let them know what they missed, or post them to your wider audience on social media, to entice them to book the next one!


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