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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Top Tips and Trends for PR and Marketing in 2017

As an attendee of the B2B Marketing Expo 2017, you know how important it is to stay on top of communications trends. At the very least, you need a clear understanding of the latest thinking to determine what is of potential benefit to your organisation. 

In the past year, the team at Vuelio have spoken to many high profile PR and communications practitioners, who have shared their thoughts and insights about the near and immediate future of the industry in extensive interviews. 

So what big trends did the experts highlight for 2017? 

Influencer marketing? Live streaming and live videos? Virtual reality? Can this be used to engage with your audiences?

Many trends, including content marketing and integrated SEO, have been talked about in the industry for some time, but there is still little consensus about how these disciplines best fit in with (or work alongside) more traditional marketing and PR activity. Even where there is agreement, it’s generally agreement to disagree – all our experts underlined the importance for brands to determine which approach works best for them, and that will vary hugely depending on objectives, audiences and budgets.

Influencer marketing is very much the hottest trend on the block - an area in which we see brands investing more money and time - yet our experts claimed that best practices were some way from being established. For instance, when it comes to partnering with influencers, some brands are taking a mass-marketing approach and targeting bloggers with lots of followers, while others are achieving success with niche bloggers and micro-influencers, led not so much by numbers but by the quality of the content they create.

So if you’re still working out your communications focus this year, weighing the relative benefits of advocacy versus brand awareness, or looking for best-practice advice on hot-button issues such as digital measurement - our panel of industry experts (including Sarah Hall, CIPR President Elect and editor of #FutureProof, Chris Hewitt, CEO of Berkeley, and Ed Leake, managing director of Midas Media), will give you a head start when it comes to planning and improving your marcomms this year.