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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Strong Customer Engagement

Even with the ability for us to view customers individually, we as Marketers still have obstacles to face when targeting customers. One of these challenges can be, engaging with them at the right time, on the right device. It’s not an impossible task to succeed in but it does require the use of analysis, technology and smart thinking. 

Customer journeys aren’t as simple as A, B, C. Every customer journey, or path they take to engage with your company is unique. Reliance should not be placed on one channel to target customers but rather on creating multi-channel campaigns. 

From a marketing touch to an email interaction, customers expect a consistent experience across all the channels that they use to interact with your brand. Ideally, each experience should build their trust and strengthen your company reputation. If any channel fails to reach the standards set by your best channel, your brand’s credibility will suffer. We as marketers need to place focus on insuring consistency of our brand. 

Users jump between touchpoints under the assumption they will see the same data and options across all platforms. Putting users at the centre of your campaign design is key to a successful multi-channel approach. Each interaction a customer has with your brand is one piece of their overall experience. Every time an action is not available, or a button is not where it is expected to be, your reputation takes a small hit.

It is becoming increasingly harder for businesses to adapt and meet the ever-changing purchasing behaviours of customers that are empowered through digital. Customers have grown to expect personalisation and have decreased their interested in traditional marketing tactics. Whereas other customers feel that too much personalisation and targeted marketing is a breach of their privacy. 

Customer data is important for your business, such as knowing your target market, improving sales emails, and increasing loyalty. We at Zymplify believe that connecting your data together will give you a competitive advantage. A recent Econsultancy report stated that only around a quarter of companies use a cross-channel campaign management tool. But those using such tools are more likely to hit financial targets.

Accurate data is essential to creating a single customer view. This involves capturing, maintaining and managing your data. This can be difficult when using multi-tools to generate this information. Instead of having to integrate and manage multiple platforms and customer profiles, Zymplify allows you to manage your customers engagement in one place across owned, earned and paid channels.  This tool can be used by the marketing team and other departments too, as it provides the ability to allocate contacts, and assign marketing and sales activities to specific users of the platform.