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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


SEO CASE STUDY – ‘Website Reviews’ 5-hour Keyword Research Case Study

In just 5 hours, at the beginning of March 2017, we carried out some keyword research for a potential customer – a Business offering innovative customer reviews software for websites. Some of the keywords that we identified had a relatively high competition level associated with them, so we decided to target specific keywords and make the search term location specific (i.e. by using the keyword ‘Website Reviews Cheshire’ instead of ‘Website Reviews’) – we know that the chosen, full keyword has a lower search volume than its more generic alternative, but our hope is to end up ranking for both.

We selected 300 keywords from our Keyword Research Activities (6 x business specific keywords, each keyword attached to one of fifty UK-specific areas = 300 location specific words), and spent 3 hours optimising our webpages using white-hat, trustworthy and proven on-page optimisation techniques. Once completed, we submitted the updated webpages to Webmaster Tools (and Google’s ‘Search Console) and waited for the results!

We are more than aware that a page’s ranking with the Search Engine Results Pages can fluctuate for a few weeks after the page has been optimised and submitted, but the initial insight gained from our highly effective monitoring software was positive! We currently have 300 keywords listing in the top 5 on Google, and 300 Keywords in the top 5 on Google Mobile, and can reasonably assume that there will be more than 1000 listings across the three primary Search Engines – Bing, Yahoo and Google – within a week.

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