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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


4 hacks for a winning B2B video marketing strategy

Can B2B make an impact with the power of video?  Of course, and indeed we could go as far as to say that for businesses of all sizes, there is little choice but to press play on a video marketing strategy. Read on for Jon Mowat, MD of video marketing agency, Hurricane’s tips.

Video is taking over the internet. Just think by 2020, globally IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco). With the growing influence of video marketing, brands which don’t create video content will be left behind; in a recent survey of 350 B2B companies, a significant 73% agreed that video had positively impacted on their ROI. (Web Marketing Council) But how do you incorporate video into your marketing strategy to beat the competition?

1. Less is more

The good news is that less is more with your video marketing content. There can be a temptation to cram all your messages into one video and speak to all your audiences. But to hit a target you need to have one clear aim.

It’s important to focus and answer fundamental questions. Why do you want to create your video content, what you want to achieve, who is your audience, and what will success look like? You can then monitor campaign effectiveness and continuously improve. Buyer personas, which drill down into the daily lives, pain points, and behaviours of your target audience, can really help get you off on the right track and stay there.

2. Tell a story

To differentiate their position in the marketplace, it’s important for B2B brands to demonstrate their impact. Listing a series of features or sharing pushy sales message will just not cut through.

With the #BuildForIt series, Caterpillar is a good example of how a B2B brand can draw on the power of the moving image to show what their product can achieve. This video does not only reveal the product features of a CAT generator, rather it tells the story of how it produces more than power - joy and prosperity for a community.

This approach works so well because we’re all hardwired to relate to narratives. Telling a story which resonates with your audience emotionally helps to educate consumers and humanise a B2B brand, building trust and loyalty.

3. What are the emotional drivers?

Your content is working to influence the decision to purchase, and as part of this, you need to discover the emotional drivers of your audience, drawing on factors, such as peer approval, reducing stress, insider knowledge, personal and professional growth, FOMO, job insecurity. Here’s an example from an invoicing software firm which plays on professional insecurities, using humour. The trigger here is ambition, and the threat of falling behind on your career to the intern’s advantage if you don’t use the right B2B product.

4. Be helpful   

In a competitive market, it will be more effective to build trust with your audience and think about how you can engage them long-term with useful content rather than just pushing in with direct adverts. An effective way to do this is to “be helpful”.

People will be searching online for issues related to your products, giving you an opportunity to reach new audiences with video content which answers these queries. You can use tools to find out what people are searching for online (Google Keyword Tool, YouTube Trends, Answer the Public) to shape your content.

As someone who believes businesses should use video, I like to put my money where my mouth is and create useful content too, such as my 3 top video marketing tips for 2017 below:

To conclude, video marketing is no longer a choice for B2B brands who want to get results, but to make it work effectively, it’s more important than ever to get your strategy right. A good place to start is by putting your audience first.

Jon Mowat will be sharing his tips for a winning video marketing strategy on 28 March at 11am in Theatre 2 at the B2B Expo and you can visit the Hurricane team on stand B816.


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