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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Best Newcomer Winner, ContentCal, closes funding round of £400k

We launched ContentCal in beta back in 2016 with a clear vision – to provide a new way for businesses to manage social media content. 

Today, a team of 20 people, we are proud to power hundreds of thousands of social media posts for companies across the globe. ContentCal is now used by hundreds of businesses ranging from large corporates to small-medium sized business every day.

The story of how ContentCal came to be actually begins back when we were social media agency ASTP. As a small and busy team, we found there was a lack of tools on the market that adequately met our needs in managing social media content across a broad client portfolio. So we created ContentCal – a social media tool that streamlined content planning, creation and publishing into one clear visual calendar – and life got a little better.

We figured we were on to something, and made the decision to launch ContentCal to market in 2016. As we’ve grown over the past year, we’ve received invaluable support and feedback from our client base – feedback that has helped us to plan for the future of ContentCal.

Having received £400,000 in our most recent round of funding, we are now incredibly excited to make these plans a reality and push forward with the next chapter of ContentCal – merging agency ASTP under the ContentCal brand to re-launch as a new CaaS (Content as a Service) business. 

ContentCal provides a new way to create and post content, including approval flows across multiple seniorities and a clear visual calendar that provides a ‘birds-eye view’ of posts across multiple social media channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our unique vision is to merge this software with a team of social media marketing experts and empower businesses of all sizes to take control of their social media marketing.

We have big plans for the year ahead. With the new funding, we are investing in product development capabilities to build some innovative new features and position ContentCal for a Series A in late 2017. 

A young company with big aspirations, we are aware, ambitious and over-achieving for our age - ContentCal is on track to earn see 115% growth year on year in 2017. We are proud of our early achievements and excited to push forward in the year ahead on our mission to raise the bar of creative content. 

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