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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


‘And the winner is...’ ContentCal wins Best Newcomer at the B2B Marketing Expo 2017

The ContentCal team pitched up at the B2B Marketing Expo 2017 earlier this week at the ExCeL London. Over the space of two days we managed to pack in an awful lot of mingling, demoing, emoji stressballs, as well as a pilot costume, a Best Newcomer award (no big) and, when we weren’t busy, consume approximately 3 tons of pick and mix.

Not too bad.

As our first expo, attending the number 1 event for marketing professionals definitely kicked things off on a high. We met some amazing businesses and had the chance to show ContentCal to marketing pros across a huge variety of industries. 

ContentCal CEO, Alex Packham, gave a talk on day one all about the birth of ContentCal and our journey so far. You can watch the full video on our Facebook page.

One seminar, a video shoot, some emoji juggling and lot of sweets later, we were wrapping up day one…

About two weeks before the event, we got the exciting news that ContentCal was a finalist for the Best Newcomer award. With the winner being announced at the end of day two, we had a nervous wait until we found out the results…

Earlier in the afternoon, the judges came round to hear our pitch on why ContentCal deserves to win the award…

We won! Hearing the announcement was an amazing moment for us. Luckily we managed to remain calm and composed.

We want to say a huge thank you to the expo organisers, the judges of our category and, most importantly, our users who choose to use ContentCal every day.

The award couldn’t have come at a better time. With our most recent round of funding closing at £400k, this is an incredibly period of growth for us. 

A young company with big aspirations, we are aware, ambitious and over-achieving for our age - ContentCal is on track to earn see 115% growth year on year in 2017. We are proud of our early achievements and excited to push forward in the year ahead on our mission to raise the bar of creative content. 

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