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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Struggling with Twitter? Go Organic!

With content fast becoming a part of all marketing strategies, a large majority of marketers time is now spent generating and planning all the crucial assets that are needed to increase brand awareness and possibly support an extensive SEO programme.


In turn, Social Media may be taking a bit of a back seat and even though Twitter is still FREE to use, a strategy around getting eyes on your content and your brand awareness raised is crucial. Organically increasing your follower base without spending money promoting your content is very handy when you're running a brand or a business on a very tight budget…


So, agonise no more, here are a few things you can do to organically support Twitter growth…


-Branding- It may seem obvious but your wallpaper, description and logo are three of the most important aspects of you or your company's Twitter page. Of course, the content you share is key but these three aspects represent your brand, your message, your image, your creativity and of course deliver your offering. Your chosen logo and wallpaper should be hi-res, mobile optimised and simple but visually creative - with your brand easily identifiable and all words clearly displayed. Chosen branding must be aligned with your offering and match all digital branding that you may have on other platforms such as Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Linkedin and website etc.



-Influencers- There are many articles going around at the moment giving reasons why influencers are great for your brand awareness and they certainly are! Managing to build solid relationships with another business or thought leader or even celebrity who will regularly give your content a like or a retweet can be priceless. It means you are being delivered into the feeds of millions of followers that you may not have or even out to a demographic of followers that you may have yet tapped into. If you spend even just one day a month getting your charm on, liking influencers posts, sharing their content and reaching out to those dream bloggers, then do! Just make sure you keep a track of what you get back from this activity.


-Video- Both Twitter and Facebook favour video over written content and with it now being deemed the more engaging form of media, why not use it more often? You can pick up cheap or even free video making apps which allow you to capture and edit your content wherever you are! Meaning you can keep up with social trends while out of the office and upload your fresh content as it happens. Also, your video doesn't affect your 140 character limit, so you have plenty of space for your copy 👍


-Content Calendar- If you are running a small team or are even on your own then a content calendar could save you precious time as well as increase the volume of likes your posts receive. Free content calendars can be downloaded and enable you to plan a fair share of various posts from links through to blog posts, polls, images and video. You can also use the calendar to track the success of your content and support future decision making when you sit down to plan what to post the following month i.e. if certain imagery has increased engagement through to your site then plan more of those kinds of posts for the upcoming month, making sure they are tucked in between other forms of great content from your team and other influencers.


-Host a Twitter Chat- Twitter Chat will not be for all of your followers but it will be for the best of them - The ones who like to interact with you regularly and will be the future sharers, likers and enjoy engaging with you and your brand. Again like with most social media tools there are some great free ones which you can download such as HootSuite, Twubs and Tweetdeck which make it very easy for you to target and customise streams of Chats, giving you the ability to easily separate the @mentions from your chat hashtags.


-Become Verified- All the world's biggest (and smallest) names are getting verified nowadays and it seems that if you have that tiny blue tick next to your name you obtain a certain kudos that others just don't have. It also means you are verified to deliver goods and services to the globe. Now I am not saying once you get the tick that followers rocket but it certainly won't do any harm. You are able to apply to make your account verified via an online form which you can access here https://support.twitter.com/articles/20174631



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