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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


5 Steps How to Build Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine

5 Steps How to Build Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine

Do you know that 80% of all B2B social leads come from LinkedIn?  Studies show that LinkedIn is 300% more effective for lead generation than any other social media network!

LinkedIn is the world’s number one social media platform for business professionals with over 500 million users. It is not just for corporate executives or recruitment managers to gain benefits from LinkedIn, professionals from every sector connect with each other to stay in touch, learn about the industry trends, look for new jobs but the best of all - find new business opportunities. Regardless what the objectives are, to get most of LinkedIn you need to understand how to go about gaining these connections and why it is important to grow your LinkedIn network in the first place.

Are you frustrated that your online marketing and website are not up to the task in terms of generating new business and targeted leads?

There are 5 essential steps how to optimise and structure your LinkedIn presence in order to successfully generate new business and targeted leads.


As a member, you can easily search through millions of other profiles based on specific filter criteria that you set. Look for your ideal customer by their location, industry, title or size of the organisation.  Not only that, other professionals can search and discover your profile as well. But you shouldn’t just try to connect with anybody for the sake of growing your connections list, for lead generation – your objective should be your target market.  LinkedIn allows you to include a written note with your request, so use it to introduce yourself to the recipient and encourage them to connect with you.


Maybe you’re in the same career field and you want to offer advice with a prospective lead, but try to share some good insights, industry relevant information, studies, surveys and so on.  If you are relevant, there is a much higher chance that you will get engaged in constructive conversation and be one step closed to opening the doors of the mega deal you are looking for.


Value is what you bring to the relationship.  Even if your relevancy is spot on, the potential client needs to get value from your connection.  One of the best ways is content which resolves their pain point.  After all, you should know very well what their need is and then, show them how to resolve it.  That way, you will provide the all needed value.


This one is perhaps the hardest to get right, but still – there are many ways how to ensure your connections grow on to like you.  Firstly, it is simple to check their individual activity, see their comments and likes of other posts which in return will give you an indication what drives their interest, what opinion they share, who influences their views and so on.  Liking their posts and encouraging or sharing their content will certainly put you in a right spot.  Engaging with them using those insights will certainly make you more appealing to do business with.


Most importantly, you need to come across as an authority in your field rather than just someone who works in it. This means having firsthand knowledge of the industry and a lot of experience to back up what you’re saying.  Publishing regular articles, using LinkedIn group discussions, commenting on other posts, having positive recommendations and endorsements from other respected LinkedIn users will all make you stand out.  Doing them right will build an authority on the subject you are representing, and at the same time depict you as the most suited candidate for fixing the prospect’s need.


LinkedIn users can have the maximum of 30,000 connections, however, but don’t make the highest possible number of connections your main goal.  Just focus on obtaining quality connections that can add value to your professional network and business development objectives. If you follow the method and steps that have been outlined here, then we can guarantee that you will be in a perfect position to generate new leads and more business using LinkedIn.

If you are not using LinkedIn to drive your traffic and generate leads, then you are missing out massively!

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