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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Brainwashing v Education

There is a fine line between brainwashing and education…

Just because we are accustomed to something (its commonness) that everyone performs as practice – whether in business or personal settings – does not mean we shouldn’t pause to rethink what these ideas and what they portray are. We must be aware and note what we are being subject to.


Standard Definition: Brainwashing - Indoctrination that forces people to abandon their beliefs in favour of another set of beliefs.


Let me say this in simple terms with my own twist: Brainwashing is when someone or an entity, as an individual or part of a wider institution, presents their ideas to you!

Whatever the subject matter; in spite of how compelling the content is; or however enthusiastic the presenter, when we amuse ourselves with the brutally honest approach of defining the delivery, it is a very real form of brainwashing. There is little room for manoeuvre from that which was thrust in our faces. The presenter has an idea, delivers it to the audience with the intention that they accept their belief. In as sense, they are subconsciously saying to you, ‘this is how it is, and you better believe it’.

The personality on stage has prepared / rehearsed what they will be conveying to the audience, both in formal settings of the business, as well as the classroom / lecture theatre etc.


Standard Definition: Education – The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.


Let me explain the meaning based on how I understand it. Education is the imparting of ideas from one to another, whereby the recipient is allowed to think, contemplate and sense that they understand because they connect with the idea as something that they already know to be. (Of course, empirical evidence is needed to increase the acceptance of such a suggestion, however we should be open to the possibility of searching for more accurate knowledge in the shift from presenting ideas to the learning of them.)


It is by opening ourselves up for discussions and different points of view that we can begin to truly learn. (Check out https://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_h_cohen_for_argument_s_sake)

This process from the outside may look identical to any brainwashing experience, however it is the self-honest appraisal that produces an internal security and state of confidence of the knowledge acquired. Progression comes with the thought and insight developed in oneself.

The difference between the two may be a fine line, so how we approach the values that others bring to the table is always important – whether in personal or business life.


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