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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


ClearAction Continuum

ClearAction Continuum guides organizations’ success by centring your business on customers. We help drive accelerated and sustained growth by enabling marketing and customer experience professionals to organically increase customer lifetime value. Our approach helps teams apply knowledge more rapidly and contextually.

ClearAction Value Exchange members engage in self-discovered, collaborative, virtual and in-person experiences – co-created by experts and peers -- to drive sustainable results across the customer value continuum.

· Focuses primarily on maximizing resources and time (accountability), syncing with and influencing others (alignment), and anticipating and adapting to customer and market needs (agility). Gaps in these areas are key drivers of turnover (employees and customers). The Exchange makes it easy to turn these pervasive and hard-to-solve weaknesses into strengths that drive full performance in an organization and in a company's growth.

· Rapidly builds skills through 30-minute interactive experiences that empower immediate application along with easy sharing and quick personal conviction of value by peers for a shared vision and collective capability-building.

· Is member-led, member-driven, and expert-guided. The Exchange is open-sourced with a strong emphasis on co-creation of value by members within each experience they have in it, both in planning and consuming, whether online or in-person.

· Is equally valuable to customer experience and marketing professionals, for all industries, job levels, geographies, organization sizes and types, and freelancers.

ClearAction Advisory clients access seasoned experts from leading corporations to accelerate maturity and sustained growth from marketing and customer experience practices. Customer Excellence DNA™ is our signature service, to establish the essential customer-centred foundation for driving cultural transformation, operational excellence, and accelerated performance. It’s a multiplier on the ROI of current and future investments in customer experience management, propelling companies’ customer experience maturity and industry leadership.

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