James Roberts

ExtraMile Communications Limited

James Roberts is the Sales and Marketing Manager at ExtraMile Communications – a digital marketing agency with offices in London and Staffordshire. James’ knowledge on employing digital marketing strategies to impact a business’ bottom line has benefitted local, national, and global businesses since he started at ExtraMile in 2011. He has a unique talent for
consulting businesses on maximising their online presence and has worked with world renowned brands for a number of years, such as Continental, Saint Gobain, and NCH.

ExtraMile Communications works with local, national, and global companies to produce responsive design websites, Search Engine Marketing campaigns (to improve websites’ visibility on search engine results pages) and multilingual email marketing. As Sales and Marketing Manager, James’ input has been paramount to the phenomenal growth of the company in recent years - in terms of its client base, turnover and staff.

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The importance of a Search Engine Marketing Strategy as part of your B2B marketing.

What exactly is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? How will it benefit your business, and how do you get started? James’ presentation on B2B SEM answers all of these questions and demonstrates how SEM can drive a business forward. An effective SEM campaign will enable you to capitalise on some of the 3.5 billion daily Google searches – attend James’ seminar to learn more.