Mike Pritchett and Bazz Deans


Mike Pritchett is the Founder and CEO of the World’s fastest growing video production company, however Shootsta is not your standard production company. In 2015 after working in the Video industry for 16 years, Mike saw a need for companies to create video content at scale. Shootsta now helps companies create consistent and compelling brand stories, with some of its clients creating in excess of 60 videos each month, while still working within the limitations of their original marketing budget. As an Entrepreneur Mike’s passion is building great teams around the world. He has taken Shootsta from
humble beginnings to the world stage, with Clients including Qantas, Visa, Amazon, Oracle, Samsung, SAP and over 100 more blue chip clients, also opening offices in Australia, UK, Singapore and the US in the past 3 years.

Bazz comes from a background dedicated to working with people and technology to tell stories in compelling, rich and unique ways. He is further enriching his own story by recently joining Shootsta as VP Europe with a pretty clear goal of helping companies to discover what works for them in the video space, what gets cut-through and empowering them to shoot authentic content they can be proud of.

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