Ryan Welmans

SoPro – Social Prospecting

Ryan Welmans, cofounder and CEO at SoPro talks about B2B prospecting.
P&L focused, accountable and highly technical business leader.
Ryan has a wealth of experience executing growth focussed commercial strategy for digital businesses. With a
background in the mechanics of growth Ryan Co-Founded G33K Holdings to house a suite of digi-tech businesses
together with the G33K incubator.
Ryan has since been instrumental in the rapid development and growth of several G33K success stories, now
focussing predominantly on the day to day leadership and development of SoPro, G33Ks flagship B2B sales
support service.

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Fuelling your sales machine.

In this 30-minute session Ryan Welmans, SoPro Co-Founder & CEO talks through the critical steps any small business should consider when setting up their B2B outreach strategy. Ryan talks through some of the key learnings and unexpected insights that SoPro has accumulated through the set up and management of hundreds of prospecting campaigns.