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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Spafax: Sponsor of Theatre 10

Theatre 10: Sponsored By Spafax

Please note: The below schedule is from the B2B Marketing Expo 2019. The 2020 schedule will be released closer to the event.

    • Wednesday

      Ciaran Bollard: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      11.00 - 11.30

      Ciaran Bollard

      How to build a successful global eCommerce B2B Business

      The prediction that digital commerce sales are going to hit $4 trillion by 2021 is looking pretty accurate, yet B2B businesses are still nervous about selling into new international markets (or worse still, are trying, but failing miserably!) So, what are they doing wrong? What’s stopping B2B business from being successful when it comes to going global? This session sets out to answer these questions and provide attendees with some tangible and practical ways to expand their e-commerce B2B businesses globally.

      Charles Vine, Head of Brand Alliances: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      11.45 - 12.15

      Charles Vine, Head of Brand Alliances

      Spafax and Brewdog: Captivating the Airline Passenger, One Beer at a Time

      A journey through an experiential airline marketing campaign with Brewdog. Building a Brand alliance between an airline and a modern, irreverent British brand to deliver loyalty for all, a unique customer experience and a marketing campaign that is all about service enhancement, playfulness and discovery rather than traditional advertising.

      Kevin Kiley: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      12.30 - 13.00

      Kevin Kiley

      GDPR: How Marketers Can Tackle Consent and Preference Management

      Many organizations struggle with consent under the GDPR and ePrivacy. Consent impacts B2B and B2C marketing activities and deeper business activities such as automatic decision making, processing special categories of data or cross-border data transfers. This session will help clarify why consent is so unique in GDPR, when you do (and don’t) need consent and practical case studies of how to tackle consent, re-consent and preference management in practice.

      Tom Carter: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      13.15 - 13.45

      Tom Carter
      Space & Time Media

      The Dash for Dashboards

      The overwhelming volume of marketing data for businesses has prompted huge demand for centralised, visual and real-time reports that are meaningful and drive action for a variety of stakeholders. Here, Space and Time guide you through the immensely valuable process of evaluating current tracking, profiling and reporting tools, showing how these bring new thinking to online and offline media analysis with customer experience and understanding at the core.

      Corinna Keefe: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      14.00 - 14.30

      Corinna Keefe

      How to organize an effective Instagram Giveaway

      Instagram has become an essential part of social media marketing - and online giveaways are a powerful way to increase and improve engagement. In this seminar, we’ll discuss how to run a successful giveaway on Instagram, what the benefits are for brands, and the future of contests on Instagram.

      Marko Plovanić: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      14.45 - 15.15

      Marko Plovanić
      Infosit Ltd

      Direct bookings – 7 tips how to boost it

      Having your own sales channel is very important in the hospitality industry. A hotel’s own sales channel (website) and booking engine is where hoteliers have the greatest control over their brand, rates and other essential factors. In this seminar I will provide 10 tips from our experience how to enhance direct bookings and minimize the amount of overall revenue you pay to OTAs and 3rd party commissions.

      Jamie McCoy: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      15.30 - 16.00

      Jamie McCoy
      Fierce Digital

      Driving Breakthrough Growth with Technology and Account-Based Marketing

      More data, more tools, and ever-evolving best practices for marketers to learn. Our current technological landscape lets us understand more about our prospects than ever before: who they are, where they are, and what makes them buy. Without the right tools you’ll miss the mark. Jamie walks you through the technologies your business should be using and how these can help start and optimise your ABM strategy.

      Christopher Rapaport: Speaking in the Theatre 10

      16.15 - 16.45

      Christopher Rapaport

      Find out how consumer-generated content helps reach customers and turn them into brand advocates

      Join this session to hear Christopher Rapaport, Director of Brand Strategy, Bazaarvoice, detail how brands and retailers can leverage the best asset that you have – your customers. The session will take a look at the fragmented shopper journey, how the brand and retailer narrative is now being handed over to consumers and how you can make real use of consumer insight across your business. Chris will also present best in class examples from brands and retailers who are successfully using consumer advocates to find and reach new potential customers.