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Creative Trends Dominating Visual Culture in 2020

10 Nov 2020
B2B Marketing Expo Keynote 1
Every second, billions of data points are gathered based on the search and download choices of designers, advertisers and filmmakers around the world. This data combined with insights from visual experts helps forecast the trends that will influence creative direction and design aesthetics in the coming year. In this talk, Shutterstock's Corporate Director - DACH & UK, Emma Jowett, will discuss how this year's data points to throwbacks making a comeback, a fascination with astrology, as well as bigger than life florals taking center stage and how each of these trends will impact advertising campaigns and creative projects. The report also identifies trends for specific countries around the world, this session will highlight Germany's emerging keywords and give examples of the trends already being used in advertising campaigns, branding, packaging, films and much more.
Emma Jowett - Shutterstock