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Double your sales from Google by using Artificial Intelligence

11 Nov 2020
B2B Marketing Expo Keynote 1

Discover how Europcar, British Gas and RED Driving School have incorporated Artificial Intelligence into their online lead generation strategy to generate a greater return on investment from Google Ads. Google's data confirms that over 70% of sales leads are generated through inbound phone calls - find out how they used AI to discover whether the call was a sale or not in real time, enabling faster optimisation.

5 Key Takeaways: -

  • For offline sales, bridging the gap after they click hasn't always been possible, until now using Artificial Intelligence
  • Call Tracking has its limitations without AI - you know you've had a call, but was it a new sale or a returning customer?
  • Trying to match data from multiple systems won't always be accurate - create you own data with AI
  • Using AI can speed up your call analytics, enabling you to understand in real-time whats happening with your lead generation strategy to implement real-time optimisation of your Google Ads.
  • Generate more sales through better customer insight, not only from new customers, but returning customers and what keywords they are using to find you.
Mark Taylor, CEO of Sales Lead Generation - eSales Hub