2020 Programme

Subpage Hero

How marketers are using technology in creative productions

10 Nov 2020
B2B Marketing Expo Theatre 6

Marketers often say they want more. More time. More budget. More creative talent. But for most modern marketers, more isn't always possible. Their resources are often limited, and their production demands are always on the rise. Yet they have to proliferate content across countless channels, from social to websites to TV to print. As a result, they've turned to an array of tools, from digital asset management to design, to make their lives more efficient and manageable. In this seminar, you learn how marketers are using technology in creative production and how they can benefit from working as a publisher.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Orchestrating workflow and processes for content creation is key
  • Technology isn't a replacement for human creativity
  • Mind-set of a publisher helps in storytelling
Philip Hendrickx - WoodWing Software B.V.