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Ad Traffic: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. What's REALLY in your traffic stream?

16 Nov 2021
Marketing Technology Theatre

Ad Fraud is second only to the drugs trade in profitability to organized crime, yet ad fraud is 1000 x less risky! Most of us accept the fact that many clicks to our ads will never result in a sale, but do we know why? We may suspect that there are some clicks that are nefarious in nature, but how we do know the scale and the impact?

Between 'known good' traffic and 'known bad' traffic lies the largest cohort of click data that is totally 'unknown' and usually written off as a cost of advertising……WHY?

We want to lift the lid on the largest category of ad traffic. Traffic data that is opaque to advertisers yet is paid for by them. Whether this traffic is 'good' or 'bad', either is better than 'unknown', right?

Pete Rawlinson, CMO - PPC Protect

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