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B2B Tech Buyer Behaviour: Unique Insights for 2022

17 Nov 2021
Content Creation & Video Theatre

While shifts in tech buyer behaviour have always occurred, recent macro factors such as the global pandemic have seen mass disruption and accelerated flux at unprecedented speed. This has changed how business leaders are engaging with content and researching their challenges.

Insights for Professionals research division surveyed 1500 senior B2B leaders about their priorities and preferences for 2022. We then cross referenced this with their digital behaviour and browsing habits to check if they lived up to the hype.

Join us to learn:

  • How B2B professionals research challenges and engage with vendors
  • How to check up on your competition’s content using AI
  • Where B2B decision makers are allocating their budgets in 2022
Ross Howard, Head of Product - Insights for Professionals

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Insights for Professionals